My Future Plan

Guys..some of my future plans that i wud like to share with u all.....wat ya all say abt it..??

Buy the MOON

When they say "Room with view"

I really mean it. (Space House)


The Best Paid Maid in world (Paris Maid)

Walking the Dog

I just use a diamond glass/cup for my drink

Golf of Course

My Security

Only the best mountain spring water is used to flush the toilets

I guess this is what financial experts call

"disposable income"

Chanel Pool

It's a little slow off the line and stonechips are a nightmare.. .

An "excentric",- SOLID GOLD- LAPTOP PIX20.

2G. RAM 5G. 20" LCD. Mousepad and keyboard made of authentic ELEPHANT IVORY. Diamons all around the laptop.

My house and long cars.

The Summer House


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