Working house wife

Some1 asked a woman
R u a working Woman or a Housewife?
Her Answer,
"Yes i m a full time working Housewife,

I work 20 hrs a day..

I m
a "Mom",
a wife,
a daughtr-in-law.

I m
an Alarm Clock,
a Cook,
a Maid,
a Teacher,
a waiter,

some times
a Nurse,
a Counseller,
a judge between kids,
a Comfortable 4 all members.

I don't get
Sick leave
days off.

I work through day and night..

I m on call all hrs and get paid with a sentence
"tum karti hi kya ho ghar mein"

Dedicated 2 all women n sisters.
send it 2 all girls n boys 2 make them realize d importnce of women.

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